How to Get Job in Bank? 2024 easily

How to get a job in Bank ?

How to Get Job in Bank?

The career in Banking sector is one of the high paying and reputational job in India. Most of the commerce student want to join the banking sector for their better life. And the banking job is one of the demanding jobs in India But most of the people in India do not know how apply to get the banking job.

So, today I come with some important factors that will help you to apply in a banking sector job or help you to know which things are important for applying in Banking Sector.

Here are so points to join in banking jobs:

How to get a job in Bank ? (Public Sector or Government Sector) 

Most of the people in India always try to get job in a public or government sectors. Same as in banking sector people want to join public or government banking sector.

Here follow these steps to know how to get a bank job in public or government sector banks:

  1. Do Your Own Research.

First of all you have to do research on how public or government sector hire and which important things you require to join a public or government sector. You can join a public or government sector banks as a bank clerk, probationary officer and specialist officer. There is rule only Indian nationals can join a job in government banks.

In India there are 3 major institutes which provide an opportunity to get a government or a public bank jobs are:

  • The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • The State Bank of India (SBI).

These 3 institutions conduct their own examination and has different eligibility criteria.

  1. Which Qualification and Education require getting job in public or government sector bank.

As you read in first point there are 3 major institution which help you to get the public sector bank job then you must have to understand the which qualification and education is requires fulfilling their criteria to get job.

You can check these criteria in their own website which provide all the required information regarding these criteria. By the way all these 3 institutions have almost same age limit for candidates between 20 and 34 years to apply. But you must have to check which age limit is requires for which post.

Note: You must do your own research on these criteria.

  1. You must clear the written examination.

Once you have all the requirement criteria then you have to appear and clear the exam which is held by these 3 major institution and these exams have 3 different phases such as preliminary exam, mains exam, and interview. It is compulsory to clear all the phases to get the job in government sector job.

Here I am giving you some of the written examinations titles are:

  • IBPS Clerk
  • SBI Clerk
  • SBI PO
  • SBI SO
  • RBI Officer Grade B

Here I am going to give you some points that will help you to clear the banking exam.

What do you study for banking?

  • You must prepare for Reasoning abilities.
  • Quantitative aptitude.
  • You have command on English.
  • You must have Computer Knowledge also.
  • You must have information regarding the general awareness of economy and banking.

How to get a job in Private Sector Banks?

Private sector banks also have so many posts and hire you according to your qualification and which vacancy is available in banks. You can join private sector banks as a personal finance adviser, private banker, investment banker, bank teller, business development manager or relationship manager.

Here are some steps which help you to get job in the private sector banks are as follows:

  1. Get a Bachelor’s or Master Degree regarding commerce field.

For doing job in private sector banks you have a bachelor’ degree in commerce field because private sector require those candidates who complete their study in the field of finance, accounting, business or economy. So keep in mind to choose these subjects after 10+2.

Master degree helps you to achieve high salary and high post in a private sector bank. So after completing you bachelor you must pursue your higher degree for higher post and salary.

  1. Must understand where or which portal private bank post their jobs and have knowledge how their job portals work.

You must understand how the private sector banks job portal work and where they post jobs. Most of the private bank has their own portal where they post jobs and you can also browse their career section in their portal where they probably post the requirements and jobs.

  1. Information regarding eligibility criteria and educational requirements.

You must check the eligibility criteria because all the private sector banks have their own criteria. Some require a candidate with bachelor degree or some require masters such as MBA so before applying check the eligibility criteria to getting a bank job.

  1. Clear all the requirement hiring process.

You must have to clear all the hiring process for getting job. And these hiring process is varies from bank to bank. Some bank takes the written exam to check your general aptitude skills and you can also give them an interview so also do your own preparation to clear these types of exams and interviews.

Some Tips to get job in a Bank

  • Connection with banking professionals:Make some good connection with those peoples who work in the banking sector which will help you to get the career advice in banking sector.
  • Also follow the banking sector: If you are interested in banking job than you must have follow the banking sector by reading articles, blog or news papers which cover the banking sector information or current situation of banking sectors.
  • Doing Internship:If you have a connection or your college have ability to give you the chance to work with banking sector then grab that chance which help you to know more about banking sector by doing internship in it.

I hope this information provide you some value which help you to achieve to goals in banking career. You can use this information in your life to getting a job in banking sector. Hope you like this article.

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