A few years ago, Salman Khan was threatened by the gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. He gained notoriety by threatening Salman, who was charged with the murder of a black buck.

Now in his latest interview once again Lawrence has said that Salman Khan should apologize to his society.

Along with this, he said in a threatening tone that he will answer Salman accordingly.

Jailed Lawrence Bishnoi has given an interview to a TV channel. In this he said on the question of threatening Salman Khan

“I had put my views there…if he had to commit a crime, he would. There is a lot of anger towards him in our society.

We wanted him to apologize to our society. Against this is in mind since childhood. If ever it happens, we will try to answer it accordingly.

Lawrence Bishnoi denied that he had sent a threatening letter to Salman Khan a few months back.

Lawrence Bishnoi said that Salman Khan will have to come to our temple and apologize. He said, “Ahead of Bikaner, our temple is located in Naukha tehsil.

Lawrence Bishnoi said that this is not a threat, but we are requesting that he apologize.