Today is the birthday of film actress Janhvi Kapoor and she has turned 26 today.

For Janhvi, who launched her career in 2018 with the movie Dhadak, breaking into Bollywood was simpler than for other people.

She has had a really difficult time establishing himself in this field. This was recently admitted by Janhvi Kapoor in an interview.

According to Janhvi Kapoor, "I feel that if I am minor in a movie, it will hurt my ego.

Jahnavi mentioned during the interview that sometimes it seems like I have numerous opportunities but not yet respect.

Janhvi Kapoor gestured throughout this to say that she was working solely for respect.

Jhanvi stated that in my opinion, I am striving for this (respect) (to get respect). Building a perception requires a lot of time.

Let us tell you that Janhvi Kapoor did not get as much appreciation for acting in the film Dhadak, perhaps as much as she expected.