A crazy man chased Vani Kapoor far away on the middle road in Mumbai.

The driver had to run a lot to get rid of the person. Vani was also very nervous about this.

Many times celebs have to face problems due to the craze of fans.

Shahrukh Khan recently experienced this. relating the story of Jee's Jankal for Kapoor when Vani became a fan of his.

Vani Kapoor was travelling in her car from Varsova to Bandra, and the actress was behind the wheel.

The person's name was Sameer Khan, he chased Vani for 10 kilometers.

Somehow speech rescued the person, but the fear of that person sat in Vani's mind.

He subsequently filed a case against the individual at Mumbai's Varsova police station before returning home and exhaling in relief.

Vani Kapoor started her career in 2013 with Ranveer Singh's film Shuddh Desi Romance.