On December 2022, on Divya's thirtieth birthday, businessman Apoorva Padgaonkar proposed to Divya and both are going to get married in 2023.

To fulfill their hobby of making music videos, this couple is also looking for land in Dubai. If this love continues in this way, then soon we can hear the shehnais of Rakhi's wedding.

Akanksha Juneja posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend Akash on her Instagram account and wrote "Meet love of my life Akash Patidar" May get married soon.

Vrushika and Saurabh got engaged on December 11 in Ahmedabad from Saurabh's city after dating each other for some time. Both can get married in 2023.

Both were dating for a long time, both fell in love and soon both got engaged. Merchant Navy officers Chirag and Krishna are going to get married next year.

Now both of them have accepted the news of their real life dating as well. In March, both of them announced this news.

Both of them met on the sets of Anupama. This professional meeting took place when both of them met each other on a dating site.