These beauties left the adult film industry

We're referring to the same movie stars who formerly provided the adult film industry with its vitality. But, these actresses have since left the business and now lead such boring lives.

Sunny Leone

Before, Sunny Leone was a well-known pornstar. Yet, the actress is now a well-known figure in the Bollywood business.

Jijel Leon

Actress Giselle Leone was also an adult film star. Later the actress left the industry and got a job in real estate.

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa was also once a big star of the porn industry. Later the actress said goodbye to this world.

Sasha Grey

The star of the pornographic film industry, Sasha Gray, has also passed away. She left the porn industry and moved to Hollywood after becoming well-known there.

Crissy Moran

Chrissy Moran, an actress, has experience in the pornographic sector. After that, the actress travelled to Hollywood and made numerous film appearances.

Jenna Jameson

Actress Jenna Jameson was also a porn star. Later, the actress left the industry and turned to modeling and then Hollywood.