There are numerous Bollywood actresses whose ages are rising, yet as their ages rise, these beauties get younger and younger.

35-year-old Taapsee keeps her personal life very private, but she has no intention of getting married any time soon.

Taapsee Pannu

There is currently no news of 33-year-old Bhoomi's linkup. That's why there is still time for their marriage too.

Bhumi Pednekar

Kriti is constantly in the spotlight, both personally and professionally. Kriti is also rumoured to not be in the mood for marriage at this moment.

Kriti Sanon

43-year-old Shamita Shetty takes great care of her fitness like her sister Shilpa Shetty. and not yet married.

Shamita Shetty

Hina Khan is one of the beautiful actresses. Hina has been hiding her love life for a long time. And they also have no intention of getting married.

Hina Khan