The top ten methods Malaika Arora uses to keep young forever are applicable to you as well.

Here is the trick to Malaika Arora's youthful beauty as she rapidly approaches 50. See the identical item right here, which is essential.

Face Wash

Every night before she goes to bed, the actress makes care to cleanse her face.


In order to maintain healthy skin, she enjoys staying hydrated.


The diva enjoys moisturising her skin to keep it soft.

Oil-free moisturiser

She uses the same because her skin is greasy.

Morning Drink

The actress drinks lemon and honey water in the morning.

Flushing Toxins

With her morning beverage, Malaika makes sure her body is free of pollutants.


Malaiks's metabolic rate increases with lemon water and honey which helps he rin being fit

Be Happy

In order for your skin to feel good, according to Malaika, you must be joyful on the inside.

Less Stress

Malaika believes in, "Less stressing and more streching".