Bollywood's Panga Queen Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspokenness. He has taunted Bollywood stars not once but many times.

He has repeatedly played pranks on the members of the Bollywood business. Due to her words, Kangana frequently becomes a part of controversies.

We have often heard Kangana talking about nepotism. There has been a lot of debate between Kangana and Taapsee Pannu regarding this issue.

In fact, this matter caught fire when Kangana's sister Rangoli gave a statement about Taapsee.

She called Taapsee a cheap copy of Kangana and a B grade actor. After this statement, bitterness had arisen between Kangana and Taapsee.

Recently, during one of her interviews, Taapsee answered the question whether she would ever talk to Kangana or not.

Taapsee continued, "If such a moment happens where she is in front of me, I will go and say hi," to further emphasise her point.

I will not go away. I have a little problem, the problem is with him. So it's his wish.