Taapsee Pannu, a Bollywood actress, captivated everyone over with her performance. She has a reputation for making unconventional films.

Taapsee's films often have messages for the society. She likes to do action and offbeat films.

The actress remains very active on social media. Along with her performance, Taapsee is also famous for her fitness.

During an interview, Taapsee revealed the secret of her fitness and told how much money she spends on her dietician every month.

The actress told that it is very difficult to persuade her to spend money on herself. My mother is fine but father has not changed at all.

I will go home now and the discussion of 'Who spends so much on their dietician' will start.

This investment is necessary for my profession. My diet varies according to each film and its character.

Apart from this, Taapsee told that the salary of her dietician is 1 lakh per month.