Anika Vikraman, a Malayalam actress, has become well-known for her social media posts.

She claims that her ex-boyfriend Anoop Pillai battered and tormented her mentally.

In the post, Anika also included some of her photos, in which bruises can be seen on her face and other body areas.

Anika Vikraman disclosed information about the assault in a Facebook post, writing, "Despite allowing these instances be forgotten, I am getting threatening calls.

Always negative things are said about my family and I. He made mention of the boyfriend's attack in his writing.

The previous photo was shot during my boyfriend's assault on me. I was thrilled to display my new hairstyle.

"I will start posting images from this week," Anika stated. Now that I've fully recovered, I've begun shooting.

He sat on top of me and covered my mouth. I had bronchitis.