The TV star's good-looking hunk has been dating Nouran Aly for some time.

The lady's native Egypt appears to be where the marriage took place.

The actor is very respectful of her religion and culture, according to a source.

Vivian Dsena decided to be married since he is too traditional to be in a live-in relationship.

He and Vahbiz Dorabjee officially divorced in 2021. They had split up in 2016 because they couldn't get along.

It appears that the actor's representative declined to confirm the news to Hindustan Times.

Even if he got married, he has stated that he would prefer not to publicise it to the world.

He claimed that it was unlikely that he would also confirm on social media. It is well known that Vivian Dsena prefers to live alone.

When Nouran travelled to India on a work assignment, she ran into him.