Actress Rakhi Sawant, known as Drama Queen, remains in the headlines of social media due to her statements.

The actress is once again in the news. Although this time the reason is not his statement.

Rakhi Sawant has married her boyfriend Adil Khan.

Some pictures are going viral on social media, in which Rakhi and Adil Khan are seen together.

Both are wearing garlands, seeing which it seems that Rakhi and Adil have tied the knot.

In the viral pictures, Rakhi Sawant is seen wearing a beautiful pink dress and Adil is seen in black shirt and pants.

At the same time, both are seen carrying an official paper in their hands, which seems to be a marriage certificate.

Apart from this picture, another picture of both has come to the fore, in which Rakhi is seen signing the marriage certificate.

However, no information has been shared about the marriage from either Rakhi or Adil.