Deepika and Shahrukh at FIFA World Cup 2022 promoting their upcoming film Pathan

Deepika Padukone represented India at the FIFA World Cup 2022 finals and unveiled the golden trophy.

In order to promote their next movie Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan was spotted with English football great Wayne Rooney.

Fans are saying who says, 'The world knows India through Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan and not Narottam Mishra.'

Pathan sparked controversy after Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra objected to the film's Besharam song.

He declared that Deepika and SRK's costumes are offensive because of the manner the colours saffron and green were employed.

Deepika unveiled the gleaming gold trophy that Argentina won after defeating France in the FIFA World Cup finals of 2022 on penalties.

In the meantime, Shah Rukh Khan was spotted interacting and dancing with English football legend Wayne Rooney in the FIFA World Cup studio.

SRK is the most popular Asian stars in the UK.

The fans put up a brave front to defend the two Indian superstars who have made the country proud on the global map time and again.

Pathaan at FIFA World Cup 2022