Before she begins her skincare routine, Malaika prefers to start with a face mist.

Under eye skin treatment first

The actress first prefers to massage her undereyes while using a light undereye lotion that promotes blood flow.

Malaika enjoys massaging her face, neck, and skin with moisturizer


She enjoys massaging her face, which firms up the skin. It is now a part of Malaika's skincare routine.

Face Massage

In this chilly weather, Malaika needs use a lip balm that nourishes her lips more than usual.

Lip Balm

Morning Drink

Malaika likes to start her morning with lemon water & Honey

White Lightning

Malaika moisturises her skin with a homemade mask made of honey, cinnamon powder, and lime juice.

Home made mask

The actress go to the gym three tym in a week.



The actress is an passionate fan of yoga & likes to do different asanas

The actress only eat healthy food and does not eat junk food at all

Healthy Food