Actress Shikha Singh, who played the role of Alia in the serial 'Kumkum Bhagya', is troubled by the problem of mental health these days.

The actress has shared an emotional video on Instagram, seeing which her mental condition can be understood.

Shikha has shared her feeling through this video. After becoming a mother, Shikha is away from the TV industry.

Now looking at the video, it seems as if Shikha is also worried about career and personal life after becoming a mother.

Shikha Singh has shared a video crying on Instagram. In which it is written, 'For a long time now I have not been me

After this, the actress has shared another video in which Lo is seen loving and kissing her daughter early in the morning.

Let us tell you that after watching this video of Shikha, the fans and their fellow artists are getting very upset. Everyone is worried about the mental health of the actress.