Jai Bachchan, a popular Bollywood actress, has grown to dislike the spotlight and the media.

The actress has a history of yelling at the cameras. She has frequently chastised the paparazzi as well.

But this time everyone was surprised to see his changed form.

The often angry and displeased Jaya Bachchan was seen giggling and joking with the paparazzi.

An online video is becoming very popular. where Jaya Bachchan's new persona may be seen.

Recently, Jaya Bachchan attended the debut of the renowned designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla's new collection.

There were also paparazzi around at the time. Yet, something unique to this instance transpired.

The paparazzi were joking with Jaya Bachchan this time, and she also chatted candidly. Also, Jaya Bachchan had the picture taken.

The actress claimed that she detests having her pictures shot outside in private without her knowledge.