The finale of Bigg Boss season 16 is not far away. In such a situation, all the contestants are seen in full enthusiasm.

Everyone's eyes are on the ticket to finale.

But meanwhile, a rift is seen in the friendship between Nimrat and Shiv.

There are only 9 contestants left in the show and now it is time for everyone to play for themselves. Bigg Boss has also started ticket to finale week.

While Bigg Boss has once again made Nimrat the captain without any effort.

In such a situation, Bigg Boss asks everyone a name that who is more entitled to ticket to finale.

Shiva tickets then names Priyanka and Stan in the finale task.

Both Soundarya and Shaleen fiercely instigate Nimrat against her troupe and ask her to open her eyes.

Shiv tells MC Stan to look at each other while looking at Nimrit.

After watching this new promo, one thing is clear that Nimrat has not liked Shiv's support of Priyanka at all.