Avantika Dasani, who made a brilliant acting debut with 'Mithya', is once again in the headlines.

Avantika has shared many untold things on her acting.

In the latest interview, he also told that because of being Bhagyashree's daughter, no one gives work in the industry.

Bhagyashree's daughter Avantika says she didn't want to enter acting because of nepotism.

Avantika said I have seen brother's struggle

Avantika Dasani left a private job and came into acting. After coming here, he also made his identity.

Avantika said, 'I had not thought about acting. I went ahead with the flow.

Avantika tells that I was doing good work. But she was not happy with that.

Avantika says that 'I don't want to debate film family, star kid and nepotism'