Ajay Devgan, a well-known Bollywood actor, is currently in the news due to his upcoming movie Bhola. Many like this movie's recently released trailer, which was released.

Ajay Devgan is actively promoting his movie Bhola. Ajay Devgan recently engaged in media interaction during which he made a number of revelations.

Ajay talks about trolling of his daughter Nysa Devgan

Ajay stated, "I make sure that both of my kids understand that they shouldn't pay attention to anything they read online since it shouldn't harm them.

Ajay remarked, "I don't understand where people get their negative thoughts from. I've learnt to ignore it now as well.

I just don't understand what they write sometimes, so now I have stopped worrying.

Ajay Devgan further said, people always have their eyes on my children and I am very upset about this.

Ajay Devgan's daughter Nyasa Devgan keeps getting spots every day. Wherever she goes, the paparazzi follow her.

Talking about Ajay Devgan's film Bhola, this movie is going to release on March 30.