Mannat, the bungalow where Shahrukh Khan lives, was broken into by two unidentified individuals. Everybody is astonished by this news.

The fact that both of these individuals had climbed to Mannat's third story is surprising.

Where were the security staff when these two people entered inside King Khan's house.

Shahrukh Khan's whereabouts and activities at that time are unknown. Concerned about each of these issues are the fans.

Both individuals reportedly entered Mannat late on Thursday night through the back gate. Both climbed the wall to enter Mannat.

Both individuals distributed a lot of trash, and when security personnel spotted them, they were both apprehended. Both of them have been turned over to the Mumbai Police by the security.

At that time Shahrukh Khan was not present at home. Shahrukh returned home late night around 3-4 o'clock after shooting his upcoming film 'Jawan' and then went to sleep.

At the Bandra Police Station, a case has been opened against the suspect who was taken into custody. They are both Gujarati.