Shahen Afridi Married to Shahid Afridi’s Daughter

Shahen Afridi Married Shahid Afridi’s Daughter this week here is the latest pictures with all the Pakistan cricket team. All Pakistani cricket players are here to congratulate them on their new beginning. There are many new players who also join to congratulate them if you’re a true cricket fan then you’ll definitely gonna love their marriage function.

Shahen Afridi wedding

At their wedding, senior cricketers also join and have lots of fun. In Pakistan, everyone loves Shahen because of his looks and his bowling, after his marriage, many Pakistani girls’ hearts break because they truly love him because of his performance in matches. There are many new players who have joined the team but some are invited and some are not.

The most amazing thing is they got married in Karachi and now they have properly settled. So if you support of Pakistan then you can congratulate both the new couples. Most of the new generation peoples doesn’t like the Pakistan team and also the whole of Pakistan. But if we look at the other side then Pakistanis also want peace. Some of the terrorists are not going to happen because they spread terrorism behind Pakistan.

As we all know about the industries, then you’ll know about the actual reality of this game because users are going to try the best ones which are supported all over the world. There are many new generations that support India only because they didn’t like Pakistanis. They’re right on their point sometimes but if we don’t give them fake knowledge about other countries.

Shahen Afridi wedding

Then definitely we will make our country proud, so do not spread anything wrong about anyone if you don’t have the proper knowledge. There are many new generations who are going to join the cricket team. So support them and not give fake information about anyone.

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