Congress to move Supreme Court against Pragya over ‘hate speech’


Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday said BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur‘s remarks at a function in Shivamogga in Karnataka are a clear example of hate speech and that he would move the Supreme Court against her.

Mr. Ramesh said the MP’s remarks clearly seek to divide the society, while claiming that the local police would not act against her since the BJP is in power in the State.

Ms. Thakur, addressing the Hindu Jagarana Vedike’s southern region annual convention on Sunday, had said Hindus have the right to respond to those who attack them and their dignity while speaking about the killing of Hindu activists.

She also called for Hindus to at least keep the knives in their homes sharp, as everyone has the right to protect themselves.

The BJP MP from Bhopal also told the gathering to give a befitting reply to anyone who “infiltrates our house”.

“Keep weapons in your homes. If nothing else, at least keep the knives used to cut vegetables sharp… Don’t know what situation will arise when… Everyone has the right to self-protection. If someone infiltrates our house and attacks us, giving a befitting reply is our right,” she said.

“Love jihad. They have a tradition of jihad. If nothing, they do love jihad. Even if they love, they do jihad in that. We (Hindus) too love, love the god, a sanyasi loves his god,” Ms. Thakur added.

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