Cosmic Rays Can Now Be Used To 3D Scan Nuclear Reactors

Scientists have recently found that Cosmic Rays can now be used to 3D Scan Nuclear Reactors. Cosmic Rays are high-energy particles from deep space that travel at the speed of light. These rays are clusters of protons and atomic nuclei traveling throughout space. When these rays hit the earth’s atmosphere they produce cousins of electrons … Read more

Turkey President Says There Are Shortcomings After Death Top 15000

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on February 8 said “There are Shortcomings” after his government got criticized due to the massive earthquake that killed over 15000 people in Turkey and Syria. On Monday evening Syria and Turkey got hit by a massive earthquake of 7.8-magnitude tremor. This earthquake brought huge disasters in Turkey and Syria. … Read more

5 Simple Tips To Have A Healthy Heart

Due to unhealthy lifestyles lack of exercise poor nutrition, nowadays heart diseases are getting very common among people. Earlier heart diseases mainly used to affect people with age issues. But recently cases of teenagers and young people under 25 yr of age getting attacks and strokes. If you are willing to live a longer healthier … Read more

Will Australian Cricket Team Be Able To Win BGT 2023

With each passing day hype and nervousness among Australian Cricket Team and Indian Cricket Team fans are increasing. Because both the teams have WTC finals on the line. This test series between the top 2 teams on the table will be one hell of a competition. With the series starting on Thursday, Feb 9 Australians … Read more

Google AI Bard 2023 Vs Chat GPT Which One Is Better?

Google has recently announced to generate of an AI bot that will help change the future if Internet search Google AI Bard collaboration is not been officially announced yet, but google is working with Bard to make a better AI technology that will be a tough competitor of Chat GPT. Sundar Pichai CEO Of Google … Read more

5 More Beds Added In Bone Marrow Unit Of Super Speciality Hospital Indore

Good news for the people of Madhya Pradesh capacity of the Bone Marrow unit has been doubled in Indores Super Speciality Hospital. On Feb 6, 2023, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College authority shifted the Bone Marrow transplant unit from MY Hospital to Super Speciality Hospital to double the number of beds in the unit. Earlier … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy 2023 Receives Positive Response

Hogwarts Legacy is an action-adventure video game set in the Harry potter world. This game is developed by Avalanche Software and is set to be published under the banner of Warner bros games with the label Portkey games.¬† It is an upcoming video game set to be released in 2023 for multiple platforms like¬†PlayStation 4,¬†PlayStation … Read more

Aditi Ashok India’s Professional Golfer’s Net worth and Salary 2023

Aditi Ashok is an Indian Professional Golfer representing India in the 2016 and 2020 summer Olympics. In the 2020 summer Olympics, Aditi Ashok secured 4th place and that’s when she got widely recognized by people. She is from Banglore India and completed her graduation and schooling in Bangalore. She started playing golf at the age … Read more

Sumbul Khan Meet Meets Close Friend After Big Boss 16 Elimination

Sumbul Khan is a popular TV actress who worked in a popular television show Imliee as a lead character and a popular contestant in Big Boss 16 been recently bid on the show after she received the lowest votes out of all the contestants. She got eliminated from the show on Saturday which left fans … Read more